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    Roger`s Application

    KG Newbie
    KG Newbie

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    Roger`s Application Empty Roger`s Application

    Post by Roger on Tue Jun 30, 2009 4:31 pm

    Name: Roger

    Location: Toronto , Canada

    Time Zone: Right now it's EDT (UTC-4) Later on it`ll be UTC -5

    Age: 16


    Applying For: GM or you can suggest something that would work out for me.

    Account name:

    Character name: N/A

    Previous experience: I have no history of ruling over GunZ as a GM , for I only have played mainstream private servers where I obviously do not have a chance for most of them don't hire as often. In my case never.

    Playing Time:
    EDT (UTC-4) 9AM ~ 9PM // 8AM ~ 12AM // This is how long I am on the computer.
    I`ll probably have 90% of my time on the server. 30% afk for food etc.

    Joined GunZ: 2006 Era for International.

    Joined KuruckiGunZ: July 1st 09

    What I can do for the server:
    Well a few things to know about me , I`m pretty decent at Photoshop so I can be handy in the GFX department.. Since I`m in love with photoshopping I enjoy making signatures for forums, because of that reason I like to forum a lot for social reasons and the fact that I like to forum , haha.
    Some of my work:
    Roger`s Application RogerSIG
    Roger`s Application Seed
    Roger`s Application 2567coz
    I know Kanye West 1 sucks xP

    Moving on, I enjoy GunZ for reasons like it's not just click click fightign a monster with horrible AI , it's a real person you're fighting who could be better or worst.
    I`m also able to mesh(RECOLOUR) clothes for GunZ. If I am accepted I`ll be happy to show you one of my pieces that I have meshed. I`ll probably show the one I`m most fond of that reminds me of styles from this day and time. There's more but I think I've said too much now. To sum it up here's just a list
    What can I do to contribute to the server?
    - Create awesome GFX
    - Mesh clothes
    - Help users for I`m very exp'd at GunZ

    Why I should be hired: If you like what you see then go right ahead, I`ll say it , I am a hard worker. Cheesy but oh well. It depends on you if you want to. I`ll still play the server since I really do need a server to play haha.

    Languages spoken:
    English // Fluent
    Chinese ~ Cantonese // Fluent ~ Mother Tongue
    I know other languages but not exactly fluent.
    Anything else:
    A few things about me..
    I am a huge Michael Jackson fan ~ R.I.P and respect to the King of Neverland.
    I`m chinese
    I`m a asian stereotype, meaning what you expect of a asian is me(Anime,MMO,etc)
    Yes I pwnt at DDR

    That's all
    KuruckiGunZ Owner
    KuruckiGunZ Owner

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    Roger`s Application Empty Re: Roger`s Application

    Post by Luizfe on Wed Jul 01, 2009 2:37 pm

    Post it @ http://genesisgames.forumotion.net/

    You'll get accepted as GFX staff

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