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    Post by Hikariangel on Wed Jun 17, 2009 9:04 pm


    Location:Los Angeles, California but currently in China until Sept. 4

    Time Zone:GMT-8

    Age:12 (Turning 13 on Septemer 7)


    Applying For:Forum Moderator & GameMaster

    Account name: Hikariangel

    Character name:N/A

    Previous experience: None, But willing to start here

    Playing Time:
    Weekdays- 3-4 Hours
    Weekends- 5 hours

    Joined GunZ: Mid of APR, 2009

    Joined KuruckiGunZ: June 15, 2009

    What I can do for the server:
    Forum Moderator:
    I would move threads if they are in the wrong section.
    I would lock threads if they need to be.
    I wouldn't abuse my powers.
    I will be active in the forum and in game too whent he servers are on.
    I would ban players if they are egoing, mega spamming, or insulting a staff.
    I would like to learn how to host an event and when I do, I would host one for people but before I do that I would have to get it accepted from a higher staff.
    I would do what the Owner or Co-owner tells me to do.
    When the servers are on I would be active.

    Why I should be hired:
    I don't ego.
    I am nice.
    I am responsible so I get things done instead of slacking off and forgeting or not doing what I was told to do.
    I don't like people lying.
    I also don't like fights, I'd rather end them instead of get into one.
    I love helping people and especially making new friends ^^

    Languages spoken:English

    Anything else: I am currently in China right now for vacation until September 4. But when I get back I would be ready to be active in forum and in game. I hope I get accepted. I hope you all enjoy my app. ^^ Thanks =]

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